Praise for My Navy!

“I had the privilege of having the author as my Executive Officer when I was the Commanding Officer and Flight Leader of the Blue Angels. As such, he was my strong right arm. He is uniquely qualified to share the inner workings of the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron and does so with his characteristic style. His book is a must-read for fans of the Blue Angels.”

~ Captain Larry G. Pearson, USN, (Ret.), former Commanding Officer, U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron

“Beautifully written. One can taste and feel the salt water blowing over the bow and the essence of jet fuel permeating the breeze over the flight line. An excellent recount of the close camaraderie required to do the things that Navy men and women have been doing so well for so long. A well-deserved salute to the author.”

~ Captain Jon McBride, USN, (Ret.), former NASA Astronaut, Pilot STS-41-G, Orbiter Challenger

“…outstanding memoir…I truly enjoyed reading it…”

~ Admiral James G. Stavridis, USN, (Ret.) former Supreme Allied Commander Europe

“A marvelous read, so well done. Can serve as a primer for any young man or woman to consider a career in the Naval Service.”

~ Commander Harry H. Ferrier, USN, (Ret.), sole enlisted survivor, Torpedo Squadron Eight, Battle of Midway

“My Navy! is an enthusiastic memoir by a true Navy man who loves and respects the institution and heritage of the U.S. Navy and works to encapsulate the joy he found in his career. The accounts of travel and daily life as a sailor give an upbeat, inside view of the Navy to readers. The subtitles are handy and the professionalism and respect of his brothers in arms is remarkable. It’s a shining tribute and upbeat thank-you to those still in the armed forces.”

~ Writer’s Digest

“Tells about Navy life the way it is, unfiltered. For salts of every stripe. Equally applicable to those who never experienced service life, but want to gain an insight into the military. It will not disappoint!”

~ Captain Peter J. Braun, USN, (Ret.), former Commanding Officer, Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Seven